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Author Topic: Are there any uses for cells (batteries) connected in opposition?  (Read 5091 times)

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Is there any specific use of series-opposing sources in the global industry, or scientific research?
 (pic. from ISBN 10:1-4180-0541-X)
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You use 'series opposing' connection in the old method of calibrating  standard voltage cells with a potentiometer. You go for the condition where no current flows due to the two voltages canceling.
Did it when I was in A Level Physics at School.

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Also, if you have a torch that keeps getting turned on by accident and wasting battery capacity, turn half the batteries round so they are in opposition, until you want it to work

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Good answer! I'd never thought of that.


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A novel idea that would work as long as the cells were all in the same batch and in the same state. Any asymmetry could allow a small discharge. A strip of plastic breaking the circuit might be more reliable but - good try!.

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