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Author Topic: Why Do Some Flowers Open Their Petals In The Day And Close Them At Night ?  (Read 11984 times)

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Dearest Flowerpetalologists,

See these Poppys ?

Nice eh ?

The whole damn field and some processing plant (for what I do not know ! ::)) is being delivered next Tuesday !

Now, I know some plants follow the sun as it crosses the sky but I have it on good authority (my 6 year old daughter) that some flowers also open and close their petals. Open, for the day and close them at night.

Why's that then ?..why do some flowers run free and wild with unashamed nakedness during the day then hide behind the closed doors of their petals at night ?

Do ewe know ?
..i don't ..i wanna know though !



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Possibly pollen preservation.
When the flower is open pollen is exposed to the elements and could be blown or washed away.
Being open when few/no pollinators are present is a risk without benefit.

(Some flowers only open at night, presumably they are pollinated by nocturnal creatures).
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Poppy Dealer

Neil, when did you move to Afghanistan???

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RD is right, it is to protect valuable pollen and the nectar used to attract pollinators. By closing at night, it also prevents nocturnal feeders which do not necessarily carry out any cross pollination duties from getting a free meal.

The plant expends a great deal of energy in the production of pollen and nectar, it is worth protecting it, even at the cost of energy to produce a close & open flower system.

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