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Author Topic: Termites?  (Read 2730 times)

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« on: 28/02/2005 10:17:47 »
How do you know if you have termites?  The only web sites seem to be USA based.  I am wondering if a house in Normandy France could be infested and if so, what treatments are available in France or UK that do not harm the general environment?
Are Termites as harmful as articles seem to make them out to be?  Or should one be more on the watch for Death Watch beetle, etc?

The one instance of termites in the SW UK reported in the press, seems to have gone very quiet with no follow up as to whether it was treated and if so with what etc?



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Re: Termites?
« Reply #2 on: 02/03/2005 05:47:29 »
I don't know about termites in Europe, but I imagine they are certainly there.  And, yes they are certainly as devastating as they are made out to be.  They can completely destroy a house in just two or three years, or they may slowly munch away for twenty years before things start falling down.

Treatments vary according to what type, but the typical subterrainian (living in the ground) types require either a chemical barrier in the soil around the house or bait that is carried back to the colony to poision them.  The barrier treatment is the more common and basically contaiminates the soil such that the termites cannot get to your house from their colony.  The barrier lasts for several years (depending on the chemical) and so protects your house for that time.  The bait will kill off active termites but will not continue protection.

Look in you local directory for an exterminator (I don't know the French term) to come and give you an assessment.  If they find termites, you can certainly see the damage - if you can't, send them packing - they are trying to rip you off.  

Good luck!

John - The Eternal Pessimist.

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Re: Termites?
« Reply #2 on: 02/03/2005 05:47:29 »


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