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Author Topic: Why are anti-psychotic, and other mind altering drugs given to people when...  (Read 14423 times)

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I meant in general terms, sorry. ;D I've met many people on the outside of prisons who feel they are in some way 'different' to those on the inside that have the same problem - even within my own family! Whatever the drug of choice (even when legally prescribed medication) when such reaches the point where it might be described as an addiction or affects the quality of life/behaviour in a negative manner - or that of those people closest to the user - then there are far more similarities than differences at an emotional level; just as little self-honesty on the outside of a prison wall as there is on the inside of one, too. Just as much blame of external factors and denial that a problem exists.

Wish I had a pound for every person who, for example, gets drunk, acts violently or drives, does a third party damage/causes them injury, then tries to blame the third party for inciting the problem that 'caused them to punch the person' or for causing the RTA! What they are really saying is that they have no control over their emotions, and that is often little different whether drunk/sober or influenced by some other drug/clean of drugs - they just may not go as far on the physical reactions front when supposedly 'sober' or 'clean'.

Tonight, when picking up some groceries in the local store, I listen to a couple of people letting rip at their kids or partners with the typical, stressed out at Christmas, attitudes. (And people think I am strange when they ask what I'd like for Christmas and I reply... 'Peace and quiet!'

Living on a main road and between the pub and a large council estate, you can bet I'm unlikely to get the quiet bit... I live in hope!
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OK, I see what you mean now. And yes, I tend to agree with you.

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