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Author Topic: Electromagnetic induction fundamentals  (Read 10070 times)


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Electromagnetic induction fundamentals
« Reply #25 on: 12/12/2008 11:16:14 »
Sorin, you are one rude young man!

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Electromagnetic induction fundamentals
« Reply #26 on: 12/12/2008 19:44:45 »
Dear Sorin,

I'm sorry to say the time has come that I, and the other moderators, feel that the forum would be better off without your presence.  There are a number of reasons, but I will highlight the 2 prime ones:

1.  You are continually rude.  This is a forum for science discussion - you have posted your ideas, and people are welcome to discuss the science in them.  Often, people point out mistakes or misunderstandings on your part - these are not personal slights, but comments on the science in your posts.  Your responses are frequently rude and you fail or refuse to adapt your ideas, or explain yourself.  On occasion, others have been rude in response, and they have resultantly been asked to stick to the science.  Accusing people of "intellectual impotence" whilst being unable to take on criticism is both offensive and hypocritical.

2.  Our forum is not a place for people to put unpublished work in the hope that the association with Cambridge University will offer some credence to your ideas.  Furthermore we will not be used to intentionally embarrass anyone from Cambridge, as is your intention stated here:
I want to see the face of  professors from Cambridge physics department ( it must be reminded that Cambridge is the 2nd or 3rd ranked university in world) when this theory will be accepted, and they had this theory under their eyes. More than that, one of them (it is not important the name) as referent refuted the publication of articles from this theory.
If I will be banned, I will make a complain to the forum administrator to find his opinion.

You may complain to the forum administrator - he will agree with the moderators, who have discussed what action is appropriate.

As such, we will be banning you from the forum and deleting the majority of your posts.  I wish you good luck with your research and hope you find the humility to accept the comments and advice of others.  I'm sorry you were not able to engage with the forum in a mutually beneficial way as so many others have.


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Electromagnetic induction fundamentals
« Reply #26 on: 12/12/2008 19:44:45 »


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