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Quote from: jerrygg38
Thanks for the questions.

I don't think you are shaking everyone up :) And I doubt that either of us has changed anyone's mind. I do find your thinking process compelling, but I would think that by now you would have come to realize that the phenomena of relativity is an overriding basic thing that must come from the most fundamental constituents of all physical things.
  That is certainly possible.  I like to look at the universe from an infinite light speed reference system.  Then I must correct everything due to our gravitational fields. My Doppler Space Time equations produce correction far from the Earth. The Earths gravitational field then equalizes everything. In the end, The Doppler Equations yield the same results as Einsteins equations.
  In the past I made the error to believe that the Doppler corrections occurred in the here and now. Lately I realize that they appear prior to the photons reaching the Earth.  Thus any differences with Einstein are destroyed.
  Yet I maintain that a high speed particle coming toward us from the left and another from the right approach each other at nearly 2C. In this case there are not gravitational corrections. Thus there are situations where the Einsteinian solution is incorrect.
I can't visualize any situation that would mathematically show the Einstein SR solution to be incorrect. Einstein's SR uses the same equations as the Lorentz transformations. I suspect the Lorentz notion to be the correct one simply because it works in flat space-time by ascribing all the distortions of motion to the mass and not to the structure of space and time. :)
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