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Author Topic: Is there a "homosexual gene"?  (Read 12558 times)

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Is there a "homosexual gene"?
« Reply #25 on: 23/01/2009 18:24:10 »
The real question is not whether it is genetically 'steered' or not.
It is whether we really know ' what is best for you:)'

Different society's have defined it differently under history's developement.
Remember that it will always be someone 'not there' defining what and how you should be.
It is very much an aspect of 'power'.

The power to define how 'others' should be.
Do you accept that?

And if so, where would 'you' draw the line.
Concentration camps??

Killing of terminally sick, not caring for what they want themselves perhaps?
One need to be fully awake defining how 'others' should, or should not live.
And reading a little 'history' never harms.

I think we need all genes :) we have.
Even though some of them don't seem to do anything under our present conditions.
They are all there for a purpose.

And they might be needed, although we don't know why.
That isn't the same as saying that babies should be allowed to be born with terminal diseases though.
If gene therapy will help we should try.

But as in the rest of nature, some are born as homosexuals, and it's mostly a matter of what society you live under if it's accepted or not.

So if you say that they are more 'unlucky' than you it is your definition, and maybe what your society have defined for you.

We all have a responsibility to use our minds for ourself, that's how society 'grow up'.
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Is there a "homosexual gene"?
« Reply #25 on: 23/01/2009 18:24:10 »


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