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Author Topic: Is it good to take a morning walk on the sea side during winter?  (Read 3893 times)

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 is it good to take morning walk on sea side during winters?

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In what respect?

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I so long to live by the sea ..and if I did I would abso luff to take morning walks by it !!...and would hope that it would do me good.

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It is a lovely way to start a morning.... watching everything wake up and come to life... hearing and seeing the tides change and feeling the salty mist upon your face....Its really cool when the fog hangs low over the water and lays like a blanket atop everything..damp and heavy.....cold and brisk...The sun warming and drying everything and watching the fog lift up over the dunes and everything lighten up..allowing you to see better the slap of the waves against the rocks the spray of the water...sparkling in the rays of the light burning through the fog...

Oh my..It is very nice indeed...Every time like the first....
I can't think of a time it is not good for you....
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If you can handle the elements :)
I find it very refreshing!

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is it good to take morning walk on sea side during winters?

With or without?

Ah, clothes.
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