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Author Topic: Could we live in a young universe?  (Read 6739 times)

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Could we live in a young universe?
« Reply #25 on: 04/03/2009 08:51:57 »
I do not agree that religions see themselves as competing against each other there is a solid network of interfaith dialogues and co-operation in the top of the religious organisations across the world.  As always it is the destructive extremists who shout loudest and get the attention from the media.   Co-operation and peace is not newsworthy to you don't hear about it.

100% agreed. However, it's not just at the top where there is dialogue and co-operation. In East Africa, where Islam is a major player, Moslems & Christians have joint projects concerned with AIDS and poverty. The people who run and work for those projects are just ordinary people in the street, not Imams or Cardinals. At least, that was the situation when I was there. I cannot guarantee it is still the same today.

Moslems & Christians mingled freely. They socialised together, worked together, played sport together, and there was never any tension between them. Any religious differences were very low on their list of priorities. In fact, it was hardly ever mentioned that someone was of a different faith. I can honestly say that I never once heard an East African Christian say anything degoratory about Moslems or Islam in general, and vice versa.

My business partner there, Justus, a Christian, was actually married to a Moslem woman and there was no inter-familial conflict. Nor was Hasfa, his wife, ostracised by her family. If that sort of thing can happen in East Africa then why not worldwide?

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Could we live in a young universe?
« Reply #25 on: 04/03/2009 08:51:57 »


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