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Author Topic: Fight HIV/AIDS  (Read 9279 times)

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« on: 21/05/2005 05:15:46 »
I saw an articles stated that "HIV destroys the body's immune system, mainly by impairing a class of white blood cells whose regulatory activities are essential for immune protection. " ( newbielink: [nonactive]).

Meaning your white blood cells would be reduced. If this is the case, there is a possible vaccine appeared in this world - "The Blood Cancer"

"The lymphatic system, made up of lymph vessels that branch throughout the body, is an important component of the immune system. It carries white blood cells, or lymphocytes, which protect against infection by carrying bacteria, viruses, and other foreign material throughout the body to the thousands of small, bean-shaped lymph nodes, which then filter the harmful substances." ( newbielink: [nonactive] if the white blood increase rapidly than the red blood, it will destroy the red blood cells as well, as so called blood cancer.

So, we could try to research on how to increase the white blood cell which was destroyed by HIV, by using the Blood Cancer to increase back the white blood cells.

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Re: Fight HIV/AIDS
« Reply #1 on: 29/05/2005 18:27:11 »
ya you are right HIV destroys the T lymphocytes helper cells. they are formed in the childhood by the stem cells and then they are matured in the thymus you can say they are trained to fight the invaders and have a memory to remember the invadind particle as the child grow the thymus is degenerated and is finished these matured lymphocytes are then send to the lymphatic system via blood stream and then they stays there and divides and redivide to make new cells just like their own but what happens the HIV virus destroy these matured T lymphocytes and hence there is an immuno deficiency in the body coz they are the first thing to recieve the invader particles and stimulate the rest system so when they are absent there is no other way to stimulate the immune system well i can tell you much about it if you want to know send me an email i will explain the whole mechanism to you.

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Re: Fight HIV/AIDS
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