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Author Topic: How long does your body take to react to how many calories you take in?  (Read 1553 times)

Richard Segura

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Richard Segura  asked the Naked Scientists:
How long does your body take to react to how many calories you take in?  i.e: Today I eat 2500 calories and burn 2500 and the next day I will eat 2000 calories would I still burn 2500 calories before my body knew that it only took in 2000 cal.  



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your body does not care. it does not matter how many callories you eat now or tomorrow. they won't disappear. your body does not keep count, it don't know how to. all is knows is how to react to a change in the norm and that norm has to be over a period of time (say weeks to months) not a day or so. however if you were starving yourself then your body will start to react within the first 4 hrs.

this does not mean that your body will not react to you just eating sugar, or just eating fat or just protein. those are special cirumstances where your body will react fast because you have taken away what it is used to (gone away from the norm). your body will make glucose in any way possible. your brains depend on it.
this is so important that the body will even start to eat ur brain in order to feed it.
canibalism? well not so, i guess this would be suicide by default.

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