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google street view
« Reply #25 on: 23/03/2009 14:39:37 »
I have to say I'm very impressed with the quality of the pictures and the exposure etc. They cope remarkably well with light and shade etc despite (presumably) being highly automatic.

In Cambridge there have been some glitches with the auto face and numberplate blurring failing to happen - quite a few of which I've reported to Google.

There's a couple of glitches in Mill Road where junctions have gone a bit skewy - also reported to Google.

I've also found several instances of electronic dead-ends (there's one just near Mathematical Bridge in Silver Street where you can't do a continuous virtual-walk - even though the data exists either side of the sticking-point (and was clearly taken in the same go as the same people are being photographed on the bridge!). Also reported.

The Corpus Christie clock is visble in one image but not from the image adjacent to it - which was evidently taken on a different day. One of the Cambridge local papers has some conspiracy theory about the clock being "censored" on account of the wishes of someone standing in front of it, but it looks to me like the blacked out pic is actually showing a wooden hoarding in place during the installation of the clock!

It's quite fun to do a virtual walk up Trumpington Street (heading north) you follow a cyclist... :-)

They've only got the fairly central areas of Cambridge done, but they've got almost all of Greater London which is quite impressive, including my parents' house.
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google street view
« Reply #26 on: 23/03/2009 16:28:40 »
The pictures are certainly good, but just look at where I live!!!

This is from altitude of 16.6km

Tie this up to my previous posts:
Looking at where I live, the address was quoted as 'Crayford', it is not. Moving away to Abbey Wood (London SE2), the address was quoted as 'Eltham' (London SE9). Then moving back to where I live, the address was quoted as 'Bexley'

The pictures are good and clear, but the location information leaves a great deal to be desired.

OK, so the box quotes 'address is approximate', but London SE2 & SE9 are some distance apart & do not border each other. And how can an address be shown as both Crayford & Bexley, when it is neither?

I just went to 'customise & preview embedded map' and it now gives the location as Barking??? I live in Kent, not Essex...... Google has sent my house skimming across the Thames!!!

Belvedere is 4.25k from Crayford, 4.5k from Bexley and 7.5k from Barking (not to mention on the other side of the Thames). Abbey Wood is 5.7k from Eltham.

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google street view
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