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Author Topic: In these days of obesity can a tapeworm infection actually be beneficial?  (Read 13208 times)

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When I was on an exclusion diet, I took a mixture of salt and potassium bicarbonate as a laxative if I got a bad food reaction. 15 minutes is all it took to get your stomach contents flushed out.

Unfortunately this can be overdone and I lost weight. Don't try this if you are more than a few yards from home as everything sprays out uncontrollably. Despite this unfortunate side effect, this method seems more appealing than having a tapeworm infesting one's gut.


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I bumped into this under the "random topics"...

I had wondered about the idea too. 

As far as morbidity...  What is worse?  Worms, or Stomach Stapling or Intestinal bypass surgery?  Note that the surgery not only has a mortality risk, but also risk of long-term malnutrition.

It may not be a new idea though.

Perhaps another method...

Put a jar of pickled tapeworms in your pantry.
When you go to raid the pantry...  perhaps just looking at the pickled tapeworms would be enough to make you loose your appetite  [xx(]


The inatimate pickled worms don't look that bad...
It is more of the thought of ingesting them. [xx(]
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