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Author Topic: Shall I play This Trick On My Family ?..Will I regret it ? Is it Safe ?  (Read 6483 times)

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I hope your son doesn't taste everything that your dog tastes...... We all know what dogs have a nasty habit of licking!

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My  son likes his beef basically raw he likes his beef pretty raw on raw deer meat but says its kinda iffy when it comes to safety..

He loves thinly sliced raw beef on salad!
 LOL He is an odd boy! Hee hee hee.. mine has to be well done but not tough just a slight pink not red not bloody!

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OK..I will do it and report here the results !  ;D ;D

As far as the stew is concrened..DON is spot on !!..I'm that predictable eh ?  ::) ::)

You meed to get a cheaper cat biscuts and pic out all the obvious fish or bone shaped biscuts, then put the contents in the pack, and make sure its a brand of cereal you havent tried before, that way they wont know what its supposed to look like when it pours out!

Thanks Variola,We do have other varietes of dried cat food that looks just like cereal so, will do !

Thank ewe for being my cohort !  ;D

Neil which cat biscuits do your cats like best??

Just curious that is all.

Oh have you added the biccies to the cereal yet??


Hi Rosalind,

Deano & Pixie tend to lime the pouch food best...we buy them a variety of dried catfoods as a supplement and keep trying new the moment they tend to accept most types....what about yours ?

No, I have not done the deed yet !..I will do though !!..hee hee hee !!

I actually tried this last week myself !

It was quite nice but the cats never liked we are just sticking with water !

Neil try the Iams dry biscuits because they look like cereal a bit.

I have never tried to give milk of any kind to a cat as they are
lactic intolerant and they can't digest it or in other words
Cats get Diarrohea. Just plain water for my cats

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