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« on: 10/06/2005 21:25:26 »
why do you look up at someone when you 'sense' they are looking at you?

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Re: instinct
« Reply #1 on: 10/06/2005 21:40:01 »
Most of the time its peripheral vision, but I know what you mean some of the time it's when they are behind you. I think it might be because of social cues you get from other people, like micro expressions others get that imply someone is looking at you. Like people always nod their head in the direction of someone who is looking at you (although that is intentional).  I guess that the same happens subconsciously as some sort of "social" thing. Its the same way that I know which of my flatmates has come through the front door I can tell from the specific way they opened the door and key sounds they make, who it is. Your brain is fairly masterful at picking up on lots of small things and trying to interpret them, the less coherent the set of things the more instinctive and ghostly that intuition feels. There are loads of psych people around on the forum im sure some of them know more about this, Id like to hear the answer too :D

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Re: instinct
« Reply #1 on: 10/06/2005 21:40:01 »


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