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I'm off....
« Reply #25 on: 03/05/2009 12:47:36 »
Well,I'm about to post about something which isn't really my concern, nor my field of expertise but I have an excuse- it upsets me when people leave fora like these on the basis of a relatively few posts. I hope that you will let me off this comment on something I know nothing about.

I have no doubt that, in the past, you have been insulted or slighted before and been wise enough to ignore it. Certainly the fact that you have the guts to start a second carrer supports the idea that minor adversity doesn't usually stop you. If you think Ophiolite is a patronising twit then say so, but don't leave.
Come back again if you get bored.

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I'm off....
« Reply #26 on: 03/05/2009 16:40:04 »
Ophiolite, you know nothing about me, or about why I quit the forum,
That is incorrect. I know that you are valued by members whose posts I have found to be valuable. From this I make a reasonable deduction that your posts are a positive contribution to the forum. I know that the reason for your departure is related to your perceived treatment in a specific thread. I know that because you told us. I know that you have been hurt by this treatment.
I think these are important things to know about a person. Do you really still wish to claim I know nothing about you?

...yet you decide to post a patronising reply
I am sorry you found it patronising. It was not intended to be patronising. It was not written as patronising. I have no control over your interpretation of it.

...yet you decide to post a patronising reply on a thread that really did not concern you at all.
Excuse me for caring. You say I don't know you. That does not stop me empathising with you. I regret that empathy has been misinterpreted as a patronising act.

*I left because I found it distasteful that the founder/creator of this forum could behave in such an arrogant way towards a member,
Interesting. I saw no arrogance towards you, only a frustration with the inaccuracies of a post. There is a world of difference between criticisng a person and criticising their ideas. This is especially true when, as in this case, they weren't even your central beliefs, but simply some observations you were making. From where I sit - and, yes, I know this is an opinion - you seem to have over-reacted.

Just as I had no intent to patronise: you believe that is what I did. Now I am afraid to ask if you might be over sensitive, for I suspect you will consider that question patronising also.

Telling me to grow up is quite amusing, and reflects your own over-inflated view of your own status. My dear chap, I am 33 yrs old, I am a mother to 3 kids and this is my 'second' career.
Well jolly good for you. Spiffing stuff. I am sixty years old and only have two kids and have only reached my third career. I know of eighty three year old men who need to be told to grow up (Hugh Heffner springs to mind). Indeed I know of very few individuals of any age who don't periodically act in an immature fashion. I've certainly appreciated a friend, or a complete stranger giving me such advice when I've gone down that route. What makes you exempt?

So thanks for your patronising words of wisdom,but perhaps you should look at why *you* felt the need to comment on things that you know nothing about.
Just for the record I wrote the post and sat revisiting it several times over a period of two hours, before deciding to post it. I certainly didn't need to post it. I frankly saw almost no outcome of posting it that was to my advantage. On balance I thought there was some small chance that it might be to your advantage. That seemed like sufficient reason.

Please feel free to view me as a self righteous, ignorant, old busybody who can be safely ignored. (And yes, that time I was being mildly patronising. You seem to expect it.)

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I'm off....
« Reply #26 on: 03/05/2009 16:40:04 »


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