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Author Topic: The Kingdom of LUIS, Armand and Angel at Osaka, Japan and Philippines  (Read 8087 times)

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Hi, it's Sunday here in beautiful Philippines, 7 pm.
 I had been concentrating on annotating to English, my Philippine (more than 40) TV documentaries since 1999 in YouTube.

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The Canonization of Filipino Martyr Saint Judge Florentino Floro, Doctor of the Dwarf Church of Scientology

Last May 19, I had been interviewed on our TV 5

Judge Florentino Floro, Moral Farce: Rule of Law - Corruption in Philippine Judiciary

and last Saturday, May 23, I had been canonized a Saint, and declared by the Dwarf Kingdom a Filipino Martyr.

The focus of the sacred ceremony is conferment upon my psychotic head (as our Supreme Court ruled) of the FLORAL Ph.D. in sacred Theology, Medicine and Elfin Magic crown, including 

LUIS' announcement that I am now the Patron Saint of Crab-Mentality-Mentally disabled Supreme Court Justices, Wikipedia-Wikinews CURSED editors-sysops, Ateneo Law School classes '80 to '88, including my CURSED enemies, detractors and persecutors in pretend world.

Judge Florentino Floro, Philippines' Martyr-Patron Saint of Psychotic-Crab Mentality Justices

Dwarf Chief Justice Florentino Floro: The CURSE of LUIS, Armand and Angel

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LUIS as the sole possessor of the highest VIOLET lights and white lights, in the entire universe, has the exclusive right to the title of King of kings of elementals. Hence,
the capitalization of his first name, amid the fact that even his parents and siblings are inferior to his rank, King Ben, Queen LUISA, and Armand, Angel, Larry, etc.

Seriously, this is the critical fact: here, decisions in our Supreme Court are auctioned to the highest bidder; for example, in a testate or intestate and also in real estate cases, if the amount to be awarded to just one litigant is a fortune, say one 2 buildings, or 0ne hectare prime lot worth $ 1 billion, then the Ponente Justice including the division Justices must share in the pay offs that is, the winner of the litigation must share maybe 1/4 at the very least.

So, I decorated my Blue Robes with cheap Philippine Pesos. The crown of thorns is from a Bouganvilla shrub with flower, and the other flowers are ordinary flowers here in our village. I prepared the video, prefatory to my July 20, 2009 10th anniversary July 20, 1999 suspension which caused at least my predicted 8 to 12 medical surgeries of Supreme Court Justice, deaths, car accident of my own lawyer and death of his wife, and 5 mystic fires, etc. So, in making the videos last May 23, there were 3 electrical black outs, plus the most painful theft of about 20 computers for a newly built Internet cafe beside us, which I direly warned the video camera photographer.

I am not scaring yeah, but these are facts. Best of LUCK, since this green or rather blueH planet is populated not only by psychos and maniacs, but by dwarves, angels and demon's lil instruments.

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I think this
"Doctor of the Dwarf Church of Scientology"
says it all.

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