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Slugs 'n Snails
« on: 10/07/2005 21:30:46 »
How do snails, and especially slugs, survive long periods of drought without being desiccated?  

Does the slime on slugs play a part in helping to reduce evaporation and to conserve body fluids?
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Re: Slugs 'n Snails
« Reply #1 on: 15/08/2005 20:48:51 »
Well thier bodies are pretty much made up of water, i guess they could eat themselves when the going gets tuff, also a good source of vitamins for healthy molecules.:)

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Re: Slugs 'n Snails
« Reply #2 on: 15/08/2005 22:59:33 »
I know that slugs often eat into the root of a plant and stay sort of curled up inside, it bugs the hell out of my Dad, because all our root vegetable have little holes and cavities in. They don't however eat all of the vegetable. Spose they could just find some shady cool place to wait it out. There are some snails in very dry places (deserts) that go into their shell and let the mucus dry up on the outside this seals them in, then when it rains the mucus liquefies freeing them from the hibernation.

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Re: Slugs 'n Snails
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