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Author Topic: What is your weekly grocery bill?  (Read 7934 times)

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What is your weekly grocery bill?
« Reply #25 on: 13/06/2009 20:31:37 »
As like cheeses and fish a lot, it costs me a little more than another single person. I send about $50 a week overall. That is really a bit over what I could live on but I enjoy variety. And I buy my meats, fish and cheese at a Wal Mart club - Sam's Club. I buy in bulk, beans, frozen fish, large cheese (1 pound wedge of blue cheese a couple of days ago) and freeze the fresh beef. As I invested in a vacuum sealer a while back there is almost no spoilage. All I buy fresh anymore is fruit & vegies.

For bread, etc. I will buy flour tortillas, make my own nan or use rice, couscous and pasta. The rice and couscous can be purchased in bulk so that save big.

To cook, I will do as Lee - big dishes and freeze servings. I also have found through trial and error how to cook some things in large quantities and then though the use of spices make different dishes. A simple curry recipe and a simple Italian recipe can be endlessly adapted through the use of fresh veggies and additional spices and varied meats or  beans (lentils, garbanzos (chick peas,) green & yellow peas)) to make a different dish through the week. I also have a small convection oven that save loads of energy over the big cooker oven.

Lastly, I only eat a meal once a day and snack on cheeses, fruits, etc. so this helps keep bills down.


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What is your weekly grocery bill?
« Reply #25 on: 13/06/2009 20:31:37 »


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