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Author Topic: The procedures of a hip replacement.  (Read 4472 times)

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The procedures of a hip replacement.
« on: 25/06/2003 13:32:40 »
Hi there,

I am writing in to you today to ask if any of you can give my partner some re-assurances about a hip replacement. He is 43 and has been told that VERY shortly he is going to be called up for a total hip replacement due to severe arthritis. He was all for it until he started talking to people who are making him slightly frightened about it, by telling him that he wont be able to retuirn to carpentry ever again after the operation, and also that even though he will gain more mobility, he will still be back and for hospital because of complications.
What I am asking is if someone would be kind enough to explain the procedure to me so I can print it out for him. i.e how long is he likely to be in hosiptal??, how long is it before he is able to get around and drive again? and what is the likelihood of him not being able to work again.Any information at all would be grately received

I thank you in advance for your reply.
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Re: The procedures of a hip replacement.
« Reply #1 on: 25/06/2003 15:48:51 »
Thanks for your question. Shortly it will be moved to the 'medicine' section which is more appropriate for this kind of query.


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Re: The procedures of a hip replacement.
« Reply #2 on: 25/06/2003 18:37:23 »
A number of my clients (when I was caregiving) had hip/shoulder/joint replacements done.  They were generally happy with the results, and rarely did I hear of any problems.

I think there are different types of "hips" you can use for a replacement.  Your friend is so young he may want to be sure he's getting the long-lasting model.

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Re: The procedures of a hip replacement.
« Reply #3 on: 25/06/2003 21:12:56 »
Hi jhfree

your partner is very young at 45 to be requiring a THR (total hip replacement). Is there any past history of hip trauma, obesity, steroid use, metabolic disease or congenital problems including dislocation of the hips as a baby ?

That aside, you can reassure your partner that hip replacements are completely compatible with work, so long as you bear in mind that they only have a finite lifetime before the replacement needs replacing. More physical work will accelerate the rate at which the prosthesis wears, as will carrying excessive weight (around your middle).

In terms of complications these are few. The risks arise from the anaesthetic, with smokers and the obese having a greater chance of complications, from the surgery (bleeding, pain, infection, blood clots) and from the prosthesis (loosening, infection, pain). Without knowing the patient it is impossible, and not my perogative, to gauge the scale of these risks, but on your side is young age (most candidates for this surgery are the elderly and especially 90 year old ladies who have fallen and fractured their hips) and therefore, I presume, reasonably good health.

You should be up and walking the same day. Recovery is fast, especially amongst younger people and those who don't smoke or stop smoking.


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Re: The procedures of a hip replacement.
« Reply #4 on: 26/06/2003 05:41:57 »
Wow. 45? My grandmother is 72 and is going in for a hip replacement next week o_O

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Re: The procedures of a hip replacement.
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