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Author Topic: Is it possible that H1N1 structure still changing to become more stronger ?  (Read 2417 times)


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Is it possible that H1N1 structure still changing to become more stronger ?
well it is really strong now and there is out brake in my city too..
I am taking all precautions as been told by experts .

but, I was thinking about this ...

If virus are still evolving,
this might be dangerous to us in future !
Well if it happens then it could result in Human extension...
What you guys think ?

Without any sign of H1N1 virus .. it successfully spreading through out the world !
Than what are the odds that Humans could survival in future from Natural Biological attacks !?


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H1N1 is a virus, and like all viruses, they can adapt to different environments. Thus, by taking this h1n1 flu shot, you are protecting yourself against this particular strain of virus. The point of the shot is to increase your T and B memory cells to fight off the virus, so it increases your immunity. That is why you might feel a mild form of the flu upon taking the shot. This in turn, increases your immunity and the same time, it develops a 'memory.' But in time, viruses will overcome these obstacles and diverge into new strains with stronger protective sheaths, invasive mechanisms, etc. Thats why you have to take the flu shot every year because there are always different strains.

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