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Author Topic: What is up with dogs ????????????????????????????  (Read 7599 times)

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What is up with dogs ????????????????????????????
« Reply #25 on: 30/09/2009 22:05:07 »
What is a selkirk? Is it what you shout when star trek shares go down?

Most animal don't eat in the same place that they drink. When they drink they drink fresh flowing water. The toilet is away from their food and has been standing for a while so the chlorides have lessened. It may also be cooler in your loo.
My previous cat would only drink from a running tap or from my dripping shower. My present cat will only drink if I pour the water onto the floor.
I'm sure animal behaviourists will know the answer.

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What is up with dogs ????????????????????????????
« Reply #26 on: 01/10/2009 07:27:50 »
A bloke built like the proverbial brick outhouse came into the pub yesterday and went arse over tit on a lump of dog sh1t. I said to him 'I just did that'. He knocked me spark out!

A dog was sat in the pub licking his John Thomas. I said to the dog's owner 'I wish I could do that'. He replied, 'Give him a packet of crisps and he might let you'.

I shall try to refrain from posting any further corny dog cracks.

LOL....LOL....LOL...... Those are very funny! LOL...

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What is up with dogs ????????????????????????????
« Reply #26 on: 01/10/2009 07:27:50 »


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