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Author Topic: thermodynamics ???  (Read 3643 times)

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thermodynamics ???
« on: 14/09/2005 15:51:06 »
question for all you thermodynamic buffs:

what would yeild more energy per gram for a growing reticulated python, rats or rabbits?

assuming that both animals are feeding on diets high in fat, and protien.

there is some research out there pointing to rats yeilding 30% more energy per gram than rabbits... is this true?



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Re: thermodynamics ???
« Reply #1 on: 18/09/2005 12:36:13 »
Fats are the most dense source of biological energy.  Whichever of the two can accumulate the highest body fat percentage would be the guess is rats as they likely have a slower metabolism than rabbits....rabbit heartbeat rates are insane.  

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Re: thermodynamics ???
« Reply #1 on: 18/09/2005 12:36:13 »


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