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Author Topic: Thought-Experiment; the Irreducible Complexity Paradox of Big Bang  (Read 9632 times)

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I think she or he meant it as ''electic'' rather than electricity itself.


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I think she or he meant it as ''electic'' rather than electricity itself.
Ofcourse,   Whether 1, 4, or 5, by anyones count the basic construct of the cosmos must and will reduce it's complex character to the lowest common denominator. All systems seek the simplest equilibrium because that's the key to greatest efficiency. I agree with your point Mr. Scientist about the initial circumstances of the proposed Big Bang. However, I personally, do not invest much faith in the Big Bang scenario. Nevertheless, if the Big Bang is correct, then your accessment would be right. I prefer to believe in the eternal state of the universe. 
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What you seem to be arguing Mr S is that we should look at SpaceTime as 'it is' and use that as the best plausible example for creating those than can discuss it :)

It's one way of looking at it.

As for the concept of breaking down stuff into smaller and smaller 'forces'?
That's another way to look at it.

It's a little like time.

You may assume that as time has an arrow all things will have a chronological procession and a past, a present and a future. But at a quantum level that description can be questioned. It all comes down to what your presumptions are. In the Newtonian world we believed in objective celestial mechanisms. In our Einsteinian world we believe in probability and relativity.

If you think of it in terms of 'emergences' time only have an clear 'times arrow' macroscopically. Which then seems to suggest that black body radiation and time both 'jumps' from obscurity to 'revelation' in a non-hierarchical (smooth) way, and by that I mean 'emerging'.


Which doesn't mean that our arrow of time isn't smooth at our macroscopic level btw. Im only suggesting that there are 'jumps' to it.
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