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Re: Science Teachers
« Reply #25 on: 09/06/2004 01:54:50 »
OHHH if your a science teacher do all your kids a favour and dont make them write notes for 2 hours!!  I had to do that every day, it was horrible we truly didnt really learn anything!

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Re: Science Teachers
« Reply #26 on: 01/05/2005 11:09:32 »
Anyone interested in setting up a fascinating school experiment with water and tubes, showing that gravity can indeed cause water to flow up. The apparatus consists of nylon tubing used in the pub trade for lifting ales etc from the cellar to the pump, and freely available from any decent landlord. 2 bottles, preferably demijohns, a tray to catch displaced water, some pre boiled water that has cooled, some food colouring a length of string and a few grams of salt or sugar.

I would be delighted to assist and have demonstrated the experiment many times in schools and universities[?]

My Intentions:
Trying to get the experiments into the National Curriculum.

Andrew K Fletcher

Tel   01803524117
+44 1803524117, should anyone need to contact me

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Re: Science Teachers
« Reply #27 on: 01/05/2005 12:16:31 »
Andrew's experiment is very interesting, however the conclusions he draws from it applying to living systems do not accord with current scientific thinking. You may wish to read the thread discussing his experiments on the site at:

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Re: Science Teachers
« Reply #28 on: 26/08/2006 13:39:17 »
:Dhi all
im new-just today in fact. im a pgce student at nottingham *wave*

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Re: Science Teachers
« Reply #28 on: 26/08/2006 13:39:17 »


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