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Author Topic: What's the story about the University of East Anglia's emails being hacked?  (Read 10937 times)

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As I understood it they got access to a backup server. It all depends on if they have used that backup or not. If they haven't had any need for it then the main server should be non-compromised, and also be able to use to compare if data has been changed. I hope it is that it haven't been compromised. Otherwise I don't hold to anyone manipulating something as important as the climate and what data we collect on that. So there will certainly be an investigation, but what I found really bad was the way researchers seems to be treated.

Researchers are barred from publicly releasing meteorological data from many countries owing to contractual restrictions. Moreover, in countries such as Germany, France and the United Kingdom, the national meteorological services will provide data sets only when researchers specifically request them, and only after a significant delay. The lack of standard formats can also make it hard to compare and integrate data from different sources. Every aspect of this situation needs to change: if the current episode does not spur meteorological services to improve researchers' ease of access, governments should force them to do so.
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That seems just plain stupid to me.

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