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Author Topic: Are Zero Point Energy (ZPE) and Radiant Energy the same thing?  (Read 2034 times)

Offline Joe L. Ogan

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It appears to me that Radiant Energy and Zero Point Energy are one and the same thing.  I see advertisements for Zero Point Energy to produce energy to power a home.  Is this a Rip Off?  I know that many people are trying to use Radiant Energy to supply electricity to homes.  Of course Tesla first came up with the idea to use Radiant Energy but his information died with him.  As far as I can determine, no one has been successful in perfecting Radiant Energy for use in the home.  Thanks for information.  Joe L. Ogan


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They are very much different things. And any technology claiming to be based on zero-point energy is a rip-off.

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Radiant energy - if by your definition hopefully - is the energy that is radiated from another body. ZPE is a virtual negative energy that resides in the vacuum which far outweighs the real energy that does reside obsevationally in the vacuum.

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They're different Joe, and whilst ZPE is enticing, yes, those advertisements are a ripoff. But when it comes to radiant energy to supply electricity in the home, that's what solar panels do. And don't forget

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