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Author Topic: Can driving be addictive?  (Read 3002 times)


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Can driving be addictive?
« on: 21/12/2009 19:30:02 »
DusĦan asked the Naked Scientists:
Can be driving a car or motorbike addictive? I very much like driving a car and sometimes I feel something like a "compulsion" to drive! If gambling or pc games can be addictive why not driving a car?

DusĦan, Czech

What do you think?
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Can driving be addictive?
« Reply #1 on: 22/12/2009 16:28:45 »
Anything that gives you pleasure can become an addiction if it significantly interferes with your health, social life, or work. Some are more common - like substance addiction - others not so much. Addiction is a word thrown around easily, but people in your life will be able to tell if you have an addiction. You might feel a compulsion to drive the car just because you enjoy it; it only becomes an addiction when you're out of control & psychologically dependent on driving the car for pleasure. I doubt that is the case here. Do you think it interferes with your health or social life or work significantly?

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Can driving be addictive?
« Reply #1 on: 22/12/2009 16:28:45 »


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