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« on: 12/12/2005 15:39:08 »
There's a lot of confusion in me regarding this TOE theory of every thing as they call it.
This belief about one force controlling all phenomena , is it anywhere close to reality....



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« Reply #1 on: 13/12/2005 08:09:26 »
The theory of everything just means we know the basic physical laws  that operate in our universe.  It most definitely does NOT mean we fully understand all the ways in wich this closed set of laws can operate I dont believe we'll ever get anywhere near that! bnut it does mean that if we find a new phenomenon we will after some research be able to explain it with our complete set of physical laws.  

There are seveal good reasons why we believe that the theory of everythibg should exist.  

Firstly a lot of our universe seems clearly to operate to physical laws which can be checked to a high degree of precision over the entire visible universe.

Secondly there are some very simple conservation laws like the conservation of energy and the conservation angular momentum which show that there are no undue outside influences.

Thirdly.  Relativity theory arose out of Einstin realising that the laws of physics should not be different for different observers asnd putting that into the equations when one approached the speed of light.

Fourthly in high energy nuclear particle experiments it is possible to collide particles in a vacuum and create transmutations between all the particles that we know, although there are again some important conservation laws that have to be taken into account in calculating what can come out of a particular collision.

Finally although the different forces of nature appear very different we have already integrated electricity,magnetism and the weak and strong nuclear interactions together and the only one that remains is gravity.

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« Reply #1 on: 13/12/2005 08:09:26 »


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