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Author Topic: Chelation (rust removal) molasses vs Oxalic Acid, or ACETIC ACID ?  (Read 6081 times)

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Chelation (rust removal) molasses vs Oxalic Acid, or ACETIC ACID, "evapo-rust" vs Esprit Performance,?

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I'm trying to "de-rust" some auto parts. I have done a little research and purchased a a product (not evapo-rust) it works amazingly well !! but very expensive  @ $60. per undiluted gallon .  I have read that molasses woks well for this as does Oxalic Acid ... what is the magic in molasses , vinegar and the like that is doing the de-rusting? the other stuff doesn't really smell or burn you ....and it works ! MSDS just says nothing ......I used to clean restaurant hoods yrs ago ...we used to pay $$$ for hood cleaners, only to figure out we could make 150 gallons for what we payed for 5 gallons  !! a little caustic soda and a foaming agent and we were set !! now, I want to dip large car parts but at $10 per gallon (usable solution) it adds up fast !!!! 


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