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Author Topic: Is there a lower limit to quantum interactions?  (Read 1937 times)

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Is there a lower limit to quantum interactions?
« on: 29/12/2005 16:56:12 »
And if so does it have any effect on cosmological models?

Gravity and electromagnetism are the long range forces that govern the operation of the large scale universe the enegy associated with their quanta are h nu  where nu is the frequency of the radiation. so low wneregy interactions imply low frequency quanta.  Now the age of the universe is reasonably well defined (around the time of the big bang) so quanta with frequecies lower than the time from now back to the big bang can't exist (yet)

Now electromagnetic interections re on the whole quite quick and nrutralised by scale but gravitational interactions on a large scale can be very slow indeed, involving interactions lasting billions of years a significant proportion of the time since the big bang. so some of the quanta that are needed to express these interactions may not have time to exist yet.

What's more looking back in time/distance these lower limits would be higher than they are now.

The effect this would have on interactions would be that some of the theoretical force between chunks of the universe would be misssing until the universe was big enough to hold the quanta (this is a bit like the casimir effect using the whole universe as a cavity)  OK the effect would be very small now and might represent a tiny part of the missing bits of the universe that are accounted for by dark matter or dark energy but extrapolating back to the beginnig it could have a big effect on the way our universe started.

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Re: Is there a lower limit to quantum interactions?
« Reply #1 on: 29/12/2005 21:28:22 »
Could string theory have a part in this missing dark matter--with the possiblity of parallel universes connected by wormholes, and possessing "gravity related strings" capable of movement in spacetime through these wormholes--giving the appearance of additional matter?

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Re: Is there a lower limit to quantum interactions?
« Reply #1 on: 29/12/2005 21:28:22 »


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