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Author Topic: Why don't BP use a shape-memory metal to stop the oil leak in the Gulf?  (Read 11099 times)

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1. The oil is coming from just above the connection of the BOP to the riser, I think.

2. & 3. Horizontal  No - same technology. And it is done with the same drill pipe. Steel is rather flexible. Conventional drill pipe can turn 90 in less than a thousand feet although a more gentle turn is preferred to relieve the massive stresses such a turn would put on it. Remember I said I could see a 1-2 foot bow in a 90 foot section under the drill pipes own weight? (by the way, the copper color on the pipe in the link is a protective coating)

4. Control - I heard from a person in the know that this company - - is providing the directional drilling control. I do not know which system.

5. No - not exclusive to off shore - it is used in all areas of the petroleum industry.

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