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Author Topic: what would cause lightning to strike the same area infront of my house?  (Read 1976 times)

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lightning strikes twice, and I have read that the area in question would have to have some sort of grounding affect, then the likely hood would be once a year, provided it was in the middle of some field not located near a taller structure. the spot in front of my house is much lower than the building 6 feet from it, or 50 feet from a 5 story building. yet it keeps striking a 15 foot area of ground, or car, or weight bench, or tree( that has been chopped down) or just the ground. science says that it should strike my house or of of the other buildings, or trees in a 25 foot radius.



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That area could be a lot more conductive, due to salt or fertiliser in the soil, and wetter than the surrounds. That would make it a more likely point to attract the leader ( which will tend to go to the point of lowest conductivity) and thus get the strike. If this worries you best would be to erect a lightning rod there on a tower, connected to a very good grounding rod system directly under the tower. This would protect the surrounding area somewhat, and at least there will be a definite discharge point.

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I would recommend that you not stand on that spot!  Thanks for comments.  Joe L. Ogan

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...the leader ( which will tend to go to the point of lowest conductivity) and thus get the strike.

Shouldn't that be "highest conductivity", a.k.a. "least resistance".

BTW conductive mineral deposits may be why lighting strikes in the same place.

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