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Author Topic: Are Tasmanian Devils experiencing Lamarckian style evolution this very moment?  (Read 10539 times)

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Genes are responsible for early sexual maturity.

Remembering that this is the "first recorded case of an animal breeding earlier due to disease".
as a scientific journal put it.

In humans the father and male siblings influence genetic change causing early sexuality.

The disease has casued early sexuality in the devils. Devil dads don't stick around so that is not what is influencing early sexuality here as it does with humans.

In captivity they are fed well and have not matured early.
In captivity young animals have been taken in and without older animals around they have not matured early to breed.
The devils have matured early due to the disease, the need to, to survive.

Due to their environment the devil's DNA has changed allowing them to breed earlier.
prior to the disease the Devils were described as almost clones without genetic diversity, under the stress of the disease the genes of the east coast cancer stricken Devils are now diffeernent to the west coast disease free animals.
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