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Author Topic: How Did the PLanets of the solar system manage to inline in a circular pattern?  (Read 1189 times)

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How Did the Planets of the solar system manage to inline in a circular pattern?


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As stars form from very tenuous interstellar nebulae and the gas and dust collapses and gets smaller and more compressed it warms up and its rotation speed increases because of the conservation of angular momentum. This rotation tends to form a circular disc shape because ant particles not going round in this way will collide with others and either join the group or get flung out this also helps it to cool down by moving coherently and therefore condense towards becoming a star.  The excess material is blown out away from the poles of the disc in the form of a bipolar flow a strong characteristic of condensing material.  Planets can then form within this disc by smaller separate condensations and it is highly likely that most stars have planets.

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