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Author Topic: "Placebo fraud rocks the very foundation of modern medical science"  (Read 8271 times)

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Its more embarrassing that GPs have no clue how to deal with back pain and RSI.
My GP sorted out my sore back, mainly by explaining why it was sore (the painkillers helped too).

Also, GPs (and others) are not Gods. There are some problems they don't have the solutions to.
Admitting you don't know somthing isn't very embarrassing. Carrying on talking gibberish because you won't admit it is a lot more so.


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You continue to amaze. In pre-world war II South Africa, Alexander sued a South African Director of Physical Education for slander regarding the applicability of his physical education techniques and won. This was a slander case not a scientific decision regarding his methods. The actual research regarding his technique for back pain has produced mixed results, but since just about any physical regiment seems to help somewhat this is not surprising. Modern physical therapists pretty much know what does and doesn’t work.


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