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Author Topic: curve fitting.  (Read 2016 times)

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curve fitting.
« on: 14/02/2006 15:55:05 »
I have done an experiment and the results were plotted by excel program. However the experimental curve was much lower then my calculated curve. The experimental results were 62% less then the theoritical result. I obtained the 62% by trial & error + guess work. Is that saintifik? Is my method a numerical analysis? If not what shall I call my method?


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Re: curve fitting.
« Reply #1 on: 14/02/2006 16:36:03 »
i think there is needed more information about this experiment before this question can get a decent answer.


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Re: curve fitting.
« Reply #2 on: 15/02/2006 21:27:58 »
ive done many experiments over the years and being 62% out means that either your calculations wrong or your not carrying the experiment out properly sorry but its far to big a varient to write of as experimentle deviation depending on what kind of experiment it is up to 5% may be acceptable but no more.

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Re: curve fitting.
« Reply #2 on: 15/02/2006 21:27:58 »


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