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Author Topic: What advice will you give to a teenager who has a lot of pimples/ acne on face?  (Read 3209 times)

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Please leave your suggestions here! Thanks!


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My advice would be the same as for any other medical condition; to go to a doctor and ask them for advice.

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There's a whole host of preparations available from chemists (drug stores) which make unbelievable claims to clear acne.

I remember, many moons ago, my brother suffered badly from acne. He took sulphur tablets (with the inevitable consequences), used a special cleansing bar instead of soap, pasted himself with creams lotions and potions and sat in front of a 1000w UV lamp. It worked a treat, His face became so red, you couldn't tell the clear skin from the acne. Also, it lightened his pocket quite considerably.

As BC wrote, see your GP.

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Most teenagers will get acne in some form or another.  Mild acne will get better over time with little long-term effects, and perhaps doesn't need anything more than good cleanliness and topical treatment.

Very severe acne can cause scarring, and treatment then is up to the individuals.

If you choose medical treatment, your physician should be able to help you with some of the newer options including antibiotics, and hormones.

Keep in mind that any medication brings with it potential side effects, and you have to carefully weigh the potential side effects with the disease being treated.

I was reading about Accutane (isotretinoin) which is one of the most powerful Acne medications.  It is absolutely contraindicated in women with pregnancy, or any chances of getting pregnant while taking the treatment.  However, there may also be a slight risk of Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) with taking Accutane.  If these hold up, they are serious side effects.  Thus the medication is now only available as generics as the Roche Laboratories Inc who developed the medication is no longer selling it.

Although, I have to ask whether it is the acne that is associated with the IBD, and not the treatment for the acne.

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look up 'exfoliation'.

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Acne is androgen-driven. High levels of androgenic hormones like testosterone cause increased secretion of skin oils, which can plug pores and feed bacteria, triggering infection and causing "spots". It therefore tends to manifest at times when hormone levels are high and at their most changeable - chiefly during puberty. It can also be a consequence of menstrual problems including polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS, or Stein Leventhal syndrome) which can cause relative androgen excess, and in people with tumours that lead to the relative over-production of androgens.

Whatever the cause, acne is miserable for the person who suffers with it; but thankfully it is extremely easy to treat. An escalating strategy starting with simple remedies - like over-the-counter creams, lotions and desquamatives (benzoyl peroxide / salicylates) and then progressing to systemic treatments like antibiotics and retinoids (vitamin A analogues) is the apporpriate way to manage the problem. For underlying causes like PCOS, hormone control using exogenous treatments (like the oral contraceptive pill) can also help. Some people have also reported success with light (photo-)therapy.

Put simply, you start with the basic stuff and then steadily add-in treatments until the problem comes under control.

In any case, examples of treatment-refractory acne should be referred to a dermatologist.


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I had a big problem with acne myself until I started using something called Terminator 10. I wash my face in the morning and and apply a layer to most or all of my face. If a pimple does pop up, I concentrate on putting more of it on that spot. I also wash my face at night. It has helped me a lot, but it may or may not work for you.

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The physical effects of acne are bad enough, but the psychological impact can be much worse, particularly when all forms of physical treatment have limited success.

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See this website - go to these links -  causes of acne; colon disorders and treatment. Makes sense and is also a practical way of approaching the problem. Also discusses various other issues.

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