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Once again about Diogenes.
« on: 22/02/2006 16:01:52 »
Once again about Diogenes.
They say that Diogenes illuminated faces of passers- by with his lantern
when there was bright light, speaking that he is searching for a man.
I am - Diogenes.
I search for the person.
I search for the reasonable person and to each I set a question:
“ Listen! Speed of a light quantum in Vacuum is a constant,
maximum, absolute quantity !
Why does everyone say that there is no absolute speed of motion?
The speed of this light quantum is absolute only in Vacuum,
 in absolute Vacuum !
Why does everyone say that there is no absolute reference system? ”
Diogenes sets a question, and nobody can understand him, as always, in all times.
I realize a reason of this bewilderment.
You see nobody perceives, what is VACUUM.
You see nobody  perceives, what is a Quantum of light.


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Re: Once again about Diogenes.
« Reply #1 on: 23/02/2006 14:54:49 »
The Vacuum and Special Relativity Theory.

Special Relativity Theory examines the behaviour of a quantum of light in the vacuum.
1) The First law of SRT - the speed of a quantum of light in vacuum has
 a maximal magnitude (constant, absolute) of c=1.
2) SRT is not considered a gravitational field.
 For this reason, Einstein created General Relativity Theory in 1915.
 The field in which there is no gravitation is a vacuum.
3) This asserts that action in SRT occurs with particles in
 negative four-dimensional (Minkowski) space. This space is absolute.
Mathematicians have constructed its model and speak
of this negative space as completely abstract.
 Nobody sees that it has no connection to real existence.
 This is similar to a sad joke.
For 100 years everyone has admired SRT.
 Millions of articles, reviews and books have been written
 and the United Nations has decided to establish 2005 as the centennial year of SRT.
 Consider that all that is clear in this theory
 is that negative four-dimensional space is abstract and has no real existence.
My God!  There does not appear to be anyone to laugh at this joke!
Everyone searches for complex models of four-dimensional space, but truth lies in simplicity. All is very simple.
We meet the negative characteristic of space only in the vacuum, and in the vacuum,
 space is merged with time (negative four-dimensional space).
 According to the first law, the speed of light is absolute and movement occurs
 in the absolute vacuum. So why does everyone speak and write that there is no
 absolute movement; that only relative movement v =s/t is real?
 Why does everyone say that there is no absolute reference system,
if the absolute speed can be only in absolute space?
Here we have one of the paradoxes in human intelligence.

Pythagoras, theory, Electrodynamics and SRT.

Pythagoras' theory applies equally to the largest and smallest triangle.
 So mathematicians had decided, that this applies also to
the electromagnetic phenomena;
 that the laws of a nature in the macrocosm and in a microcosm are identical.
It appears that this is not so.
In the macrocosm, Maxwell's laws apply
 and in the microcosm,  other laws, the laws of SRT operate.
These laws are interconnected.
SRT is a continuation of the development of electrodynamics.
*             *            *
 1)What is the make up of the electron in Maxwell's theory?
 Maxwell's equations have no relation to the movement of the electron.
They describe the distribution of electromagnetic waves
but not the movement of a particle such as an electron.
In Maxwell's theory, the charge - electron is considered local,
 as though the particle is "at rest".
This means that it particle does not move rectilinearly,
 but rotates around the diameter (has the form of a sphere).
 The rotation of the electron creates electrical waves.
*             *            *
 2) What is the make up of the electron in SRT?
 At the beginning of the last century many scientists
(Einstein, Lorents, Fitzgerald, Poincare, Abraham) were interested in the question:
What will take place, if the electron (Maxwell's) , creating an electrical field,
begins to move - rectilinearly?
All of them came to the conclusion that there would be radical changes with the electron.
 These changes are described by the Lorentz transformations.
 That is, when the originally rotating electron (sphere) begins to move rectilinearly,
during movement it gradually will change its geometrical form.
 Having reached constant speed of  c=1, its form will become a circle.
 In such condition it is called a "quantum of light ",” photon”.
 And when a quantum of light rotates around its diameter its name is “electron “
 An "electron" is an actively working “quantum of light”.
With such an interpretation, electrodynamics and SRT become one general theory.
*             *            *
The Vacuum and the Electron.

All know, that an electron is not a firm sphere. All know, that its form can be changed.
 But nobody understands the borders of the change of the geometrical form of the electron.
So, what are the borders of this change? Quantum theory gives an answer to this question.
It says that at the interaction of the electron with the vacuum, the energy and mass of the
 electron become infinite. Physics does not understand what to do with infinite sizes
and therefore have thought up "a method of renormalization", a method
 "to sweep the dust under the carpet" / Feynman./
 But the situation can be understood another way. Electrons, having the geometrical form
of a sphere, lose their volume and turn into an indefinitely flat circle. In this is the reason
for the occurrence of infinite sizes for the electron. But in physics we know
only one particle which has the form of a flat circle. It is a quantum of light
 which flies rectilinearly   with  speed c= 1.
Hence, the electron turns into a quantum of light. Hence, the electron and a quantum of light
 is the same particle in different states.
In the books it is written, that electrons interact among themselves with the help of
a quantum of light. In the books it is written that an electron in an atom passing from
one orbit to another radiates a quantum of light. It should be understood as follows.
 The electron has a quantum of light in a pocket or under a "shirt" which from time to time
 is freed. Interesting. But why is it necessary for it to hide?
*      *      *
If you have time and desire, I ask you to visit my site

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Re: Once again about Diogenes.
« Reply #2 on: 04/03/2006 10:19:43 »
What is a quantum of light?
Quantum of light is a particle and wave simultaneously.
Exact there is a simultaneity of space and time.
For me such explanation is unsatisfactory.
It just as to speak, that the logic information and
the senseless message are the same simultaneously.
To say half truth is worse then to say lie.
*       *      *
Quantum of light is a privileged particle.
Only the speed of a light quantum in Vacuum has
 a maximal, constant, absolute quantity of c=1.
No other particle can travel with the speed c = 1.
If quantum of light flies always rectilinearly c=1, it is a mad one.
Is he really mad?

Two views on the space and time.
 There are an independent space and independent time:
We notice it on our planet - Earth.
It is a fhree - dimensional space.
There is simultaneous union of space and time:
It is negative four-dimensional (Minkowski) space.
Herman Minkowski :
“ Henceforth, space by itself, and time by itself,
are doomed to fade away into mere shadows,
 and only a kind of union of the two will preserve an independent reality.”
What  is the “a kind of union of the two “?
The answer.
It is Vacuum. T=0K.

Physicists do not dictate to Nature their laws.
Laws of nature are reality, which exists independently from the researcher,
 and the person only perceives them. The nature develops from simple to difficult;
 the evolution of the world goes from the lowest condition to the highest one.
 Therefore, initial conditions of the origin of Genesis cannot be complex.
 They should be elementary and simple, as a multiplication table: 2.2=4, 2.3=6 etc.
Such simple laws of nature can and should be realized by each person from a school bench.

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Re: Once again about Diogenes.
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