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Author Topic: How to stop unwanted postings in the Guest Book of my website?  (Read 10830 times)

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One of my websites, contains a guest book created by php. For security reasons I can not mention the URL of that site, but I will say that it is a educational site. The site is heavily attacked by unwanted message postings. 95% of the messages posted are indecent. So I have to delete those guest book entries. Could u please give me any code or hints to get ride of it, so that I can block indecent postings? Please help.


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Hire Geezer as your slave moderator and make him delete all those posts.

But seriously, if these posts are spam, you might want to put a CAPTCHA up on the forum:

You can force guest users to fill out a CAPTCHA to post or force all users to register, and when registering they must also fill one out. 

But I can tell you that as a moderator here, we still get a lot of spammers sneaking through, hence needing a Geezer on staff!


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I have seen websites that require an "approval" to post, especially anonymous posts.

It shouldn't take much to go through the list of posts...  perhaps a 3-line header and check-boxes that you can hit with a space bar and down arrow.

It is easy enough to obfuscate words to circumvent filters.  If you had an automated approval process, then you wouldn't even have to allow the filter to be visible.

Any idea if they are "one-hit-wonders" or "repeat offenders"?

If they are repeat offenders, you should be able to track down the IP address and permanently block it.

I suppose the internet has changed over time.  Years ago I was doing support for a college computer lab.  One of our users posted something inappropriate in a Fraternity Newsgroup.  The IP address was traced to the college.  The Computer Dept called our dept manager, and our dept manager called me.  They were serious about wanting the situation "fixed".  It was all I could do to deal with it without getting a black mark on the person's permanent record.

Write and Publish a site policy specifically prohibiting profanity, SPAM, etc.
Then you might consider contacting the ISPs and trying to get the offenders knocked off of the internet.

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