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Author Topic: Do we need a shuttle?  (Read 9373 times)

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Do we need a shuttle?
« Reply #25 on: 28/08/2011 09:45:53 »
The shuttle craft concept is limited in what it can do, and it has proven to be dangerous to operate. I like the Orion vehicle currently being completed by NASA. It is safer in design than the shuttle
There are inherent dangers with the space program.  I'm not sure we can term an untested system as being "safer" than a tested system.

The Russians lost an unmanned supply rocket being sent to the International Space Station just last week.

The Taurus-XL rocket had 3 out of the last 4 launches end in failure including a launch earlier this year.

The Cryosat-1 ended up monitoring the Arctic from subsurface, rather than space.

Hopefully some of the flaws in the Shuttle will be remedied, for example relocating the orbiter module so that damage to heat shields by falling debris would be minimized.  But, the new rockets will undoubtedly introduce new potential failure points, especially as NASA strides to send humans further into space.

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Do we need a shuttle?
« Reply #25 on: 28/08/2011 09:45:53 »


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