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Author Topic: The Infinity: a symbol or reality.  (Read 2555 times)

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The Infinity: a symbol or reality.
« on: 13/05/2006 08:37:44 »
The concept of Vacuum as infinite, eternal, absolute, homogeneous space, speaks nothing to the scientists,
causes them bewilderment and "horror".
 They do not perceive how to derive some concrete actual values
from these characteristics. Not perceiving it, they look as bewitched at Vacuum.
The concepts such as "more, "less", "equal", "similar" do not conform to the word "perpetuity/eternity".
The perpetuity/eternity is
something that has  not boundaries and discontinuity,
it could not be compared with anything.
Having reasoned so, the scientists conclude that the perpetuity/eternity  defies physical and mathematical definition
 and cannot be taken into account  in actual processes.
 Therefore, they proclaimed the stringent requirement
(at a level of the censor of the law):
"Perpetuity/eternity should be removed in order
for theory to be exact".
 And all mathematical abilities, all mental energy  they
direct to the removal of perpetuity.
They invent different mathematical "dodges":
 " method of renormalization ", mechanism of Higgs, etc.
But it is "labor of Sizief".
It is "battle of Don Quixote with a windmill".
They deceive both themselves and believers in science.
 All phenomena  of  micro  cosmoses require taking
into consideration the structure  of indefinite/eternal Vacuum.
Denying the fact of perpetuity scientists
deprive hope to create  the Unified Theory of Geneses.
Therefore, it is necessary simply to understand and
realize an essence  and importance of the structure
of perpetuity/eternity.
Let us take an indefinitely decimal fraction 0, 99999999....
No matter how much times we  would add 9 after comma,
this number will never become a unit: 1.
Such unlimited repetition of the same has received the name of
 " bad perpetuity".  
And really, it is impossible to deduce something concrete,
 actual from it. Nevertheless, not such a "bad perpetuity"
is seen in Vacuum, which plays the relevant role in a
Picture of Geneses.
Why is Vacuum not a " bad perpetuity"?
Because Vacuum has one physical parameter: temperature .
Now consider that the Universe, as an absolute frame
of reference is in a condition  of  T = 2,7K  (
rests  relic radiation of the Big Bang ).
What geometric and physical parameters can particles have in  T=2,7K?
Can they have a volume?
According to the laws of physics :
 J. Charles ( 1787), Gay-Lussac ( 1802),  V. Nernst ( 1910),
A. Einstein ( 1925)  
 particles in a Vacuum cannot have density, volume and consequently should be flat figures.  
This means, particles have the geometrical form of a circle, as
from all flat figures  the circle has the most optimum form:
C/D =pi= 3,14.
What these "virtual" circles do in the Vacuum?
They are in a condition of rest: h = 0. So, maybe they are dead?
In order to answer of this question, it is necessary to more
clearly understand EMPTINESS- NOTHING.- VACUUM.
In the physics models of the Vacuum have been created  long time ago.
These are:
1) the Theory of ideal gas.
2) the Theory of absolutely black body.
3) negative four-dimensional space (Minkowski space - SRT).
There is no need to discover America again,
to build new theories of the Vacuum.
If we want to understand Vacuum it is necessary to ask:
 what a geometrical and physical parameters
the particles  in Vacuum  T=0K  (T=2,7K) can have?
The Physics starts with this question.


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Re: The Infinity: a symbol or reality.
« Reply #1 on: 13/05/2006 19:26:20 »
I think I follwed that pretty well, though it gets very opaque in parts.

Are you saying the universe is an infinite vacuum?

Heres another numerical trick for you, albeit a much simpler one:

How many numbers are there?

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Re: The Infinity: a symbol or reality.
« Reply #2 on: 13/05/2006 19:29:03 »
Oh and by the way, the symbol of infinity is a lemniscate- like a figure 8 turned on its side:

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Re: The Infinity: a symbol or reality.
« Reply #3 on: 13/05/2006 19:30:02 »
that didn't work, eh lol

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Re: The Infinity: a symbol or reality.
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