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Author Topic: The end of everything?  (Read 5951 times)

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Re: The end of everything?
« Reply #25 on: 11/01/2012 09:54:22 »

"but there has been talk of alternate universes, maybe our only hope???"

There may or may not be alternate universes but finding a method of travelling between them is almost certain to remain fiction.
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Re: The end of everything?
« Reply #26 on: 11/01/2012 23:10:19 »
The intelligence and communications capability of humans is a great evolutionary benefit and will probably follow the course of other major developments if you look at previous big developments in the past like mammals, reptiles and vertebrates etc.

Humans will overbreed and damage the environment but their capability will enable them to survive in very basic conditions for a very long period they will then evolve and diversify to fill all the evolutionary niches available competing with the species already there but not totally destroying them.

If you would like to read a brief light hearted sci fi story of a more organised period following this period go to one of my web pages.

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Re: The end of everything?
« Reply #27 on: 11/01/2012 23:43:04 »
It seems clear to me that the Earth's life expectancy is much shorter than you think. First off there probably won't be humans that far in the future. We will have either evolved or died out. There is nearly a 100% of a major asteroid, i.e. a planet killer,0 will hit the Earth and wipe out all life long before our sun burns out.
We probably will get hit by a major asteroid sometime.
Perhaps even a "Dinosaur Killer" asteroid.
I'm not sure about a small moon or a "Planet Killer". 

A "Dino Killer" would wreck havoc on Earth, but might not kill off humanity.

It really depends on how much warning we have.  If we could predict that an asteroid was going to hit Earth with 2 "near miss" passes, then have a 99% likelihood to hit Earth in 10 years, then I think we could fix it.  Even starting from scratch today.

If there is no warning...  We see it hurtling towards Earth on a death course...  the first time it is detected.  Well...  Time for Plan B... 

In 50 years we should have a stable colony on the moon.
In 100 years, a colony on Mars or Venus, or both.
100 or 200 years, a colony on Ganymede or Callisto.
In 1000 years, we will be well on the way to terraforming Venus.

Once we have a good sized off-world colony.  Then it will take two major simultaneous hits to destroy humanity. 

Is a planet killing solar flare possible before the sun enters the Red Giant phase?

Even so, most solar flares are directed, so if the Earth and Venus are on opposite sides of the sun, one would get hit, one would not.

Redundancy, and humanity will survive.

Our biggest threat is if we choose to replace ourselves with computers.
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Re: The end of everything?
« Reply #28 on: 12/01/2012 13:57:14 »
....... There is nearly a 100% of a major asteroid, i.e. a planet killer,0 will hit the Earth and wipe out all life long before our sun burns out.

I think that is a rather rash assesment and smacks of the doomsday prophets, who regularly tell us that 'the end is nigh'.

It is almost certain that a 10km diameter meteor strike sparked the K/T boundary, a mass extinction which saw the end of the rule of the dinosaurs and 60% of all life on the planet. But this was childs play by comparison to the Permian extinction which wiped out 90 - 95% of all life. This may have been caused by a strike or by a massive rupture of the Earths crust as the giant continent of Pangea began to break up into the land masses which would continue to drift apart over the next 300 million years to form the continents we know today.

I would say there might be a better chance of a mass extinction being caused by an earthquake of a magnitude of 10+ resulting in mass eruptions of volcanoes across the globe and/or the eruption of a supervolcano or two, such as Yellowstone in the USA, Lake Toba in Sumatra or the Siberian Traps.

Ho Hum...... woe woe and thrice woe........

At that point it's game over. Entropy wins.

Would that be an END TROPHY then?

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Re: The end of everything?
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