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Author Topic: Can you tell how smart/wise a person is by simple body language?  (Read 2299 times)

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It seems as if it is relatively easy to define ones intellect by paying attention to their movements, such as the way they sit, the gestures they make as they speak about even the most common things and how they look at you as you are speaking to them..etc..etc

How do you guys define someones intellect before you actually have a proper introduction to them? Do you believe a persons body movement can determine how intelligent and wise a person really is before getting in detail and asking questions? Just something to think about and give you something to observe throughout the day/night. :)


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Some people with Aspergerís syndrome have exceptional ability in science but are have poor motor skills (i.e. clumsy).
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Certainly on the other end of the spectrum, individuals with afflictions such as Down's syndrome are also easily recognizable. 

To a large extent, social status will be visible in the way a person comports themselves in society, and while it may not be a good indicator of IQ, it may reflect to some extent the importance that the individual applies to intelligence.   However, I'd be careful of generalizations as many "scientists", at least in the USA have a repulsion to things like ties.

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I used to live near to a very large mental hospital / asylum - now closed.  When cycling around as a kid I would be able to recognise the Claybury residents from a massive distance - not anything I could be explicit about, but even in silhouette at a fair distance one's brain noted something other 

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Physical issues (like spasticity) aside, at best the body language will tell you what the person thinks about them self, rather than what  they actually are like.

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