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Author Topic: Is the Pioneer anomaly solved now?  (Read 7122 times)

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Re: Is the Pioneer anomaly solved now?
« Reply #25 on: 02/05/2012 02:25:35 »
I. Velocity Decrement of Pioneer 10

Pioneer 10 was launched in 1972 to probe the interplanetary medium, magnetosphere and atmosphere of Jupiter. It crossed the orbit of Neptune in 1983. Pioneer 11 was launched in 1975 to probe Jupiter. The probe Galileo is launched in October 1989, it crossed Venus in February 1990, it traveled 3.7 ×109 kilometers in 6 years and finally reached the periphery of Jupiter in 1996 and flied round Jupiter for 11 circles to perform relevant expedition. Pioneer 10 and Pioneer 11 have already made a visit to Jupiter and Saturn. 2 airships “Tourist” have already accessed the vicinity of Uranus and Neptune. Now the 4 airships have already reached the periphery of the solar system. The doubt about Newtons law of gravitation, which is raised by the velocity decrement of spacecrafts and put forward by the scientists from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, is in agreement with the conclusion of the experiments, and the analysis (data up to Year 2002) of the orbits is given as below:

1. Qualitative Analysis:

Pioneer 10, Pioneer 11, and Galileo were launched from the earth, and separated themselves from the earth orbit (earth vortex) to probe Jupiter, but they still remain inside the sun vortex. Since the earth is closer to the sun, the vorticity force of the sun near the earths revolution orbit is high; while, Jupiter is far away form the sun, therefore the vorticity force of the sun is low. Taking the proximity of the earths revolution orbit as a frame of reference, people may feel that spacecrafts are losing speed when they are close to Jupiter’s revolution orbit.

2. Quantitative Analysis:

Earth-rotation angular velocity: ωe = 1.16×10-5 rps Sun rotation period is 25 days

Sun-rotation angular velocity: ωs = ωe/25

Relationship between mass of the sun and mass of the earth: Ms = 3.3×105 Me

Radius of the earth Re = 6.4×103 km

Distance from the earth to the sun: ds-e = 1.5×108 km

Distance from Jupiter to the sun: ds-j = 7.78×108 km

Vorticity force near the earths revolution orbit, centering on the sun:

Ft-e = KGMs mωsCosα/d2 s-e..

(Cosα ≈ 1, m indicates the weight of a space probe, and k = 0.4 is a coefficient) ①

Ft-e = G (Mem/Re2) × 3.3×105 ωsK

d2 s-e / Re2

Have the data substituted in:

Ft-e = G (Mem /Re2)×3.3×105×1.16×10-5×0.40 
25 ×(1.50×108 /6.4×103)2 

= 1.12×10-10 GMem /Re2

= 1.12×10-10 Fne

Where, Fne indicates the earth gravitation to the space probe, namely the gravity

Vorticity force Ft-j of the sun near Jupiter’s revolution orbit of:

Ft-j Ft-e = ds-e ds-j2 = 1.5×108 7.78×1082 .②

Ft-j = 0.037Ft-e

When people take the earth s revolution orbit as a frame of reference, the force (i.e. the vorticity force)observed near Jupiter’s revolution orbit that causes the velocity decrement of spacecrafts is:

Ft = Ft-e - Ft-j = Ft-e (1-0.037) = 1.08×10-10×Fne......③

The conclusion is approximate to the data raised by the scientists from USA.

As per the data acquired up till now, Pioneer 10 already falls behind its scheduled travel for over 400,000 kilometers, and this can also be calculated as per the formula listed below:

S = 0.5at2

Where, “a” indicates 1/10 billion of acceleration of gravity on the earth surface, and “t” indicates the time (launching time, in seconds), if the following data are substituted in─

S = 0.5×9.8×10-10 × (30×365×24×60×60)2

= 438,500Km

The result of calculation basically conforms to the falling-behind distance of Pioneer 10.

The velocity decrement of the 4 space probes such as Pioneer 10 launched by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration is a major issue of celestial mechanics at the beginning of the new century. It raised an accurate and strong query about the Newtons law of gravitation. In addition, it proved the assumption of gravitation put forward by Kepler and the forecast of “frame dragging” raised in the general relativity, and rendered a relatively accurate criterion for the exactness of the calculating formula for vorticity force (i.e. the tangential component of universal gravitation).

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Re: Is the Pioneer anomaly solved now?
« Reply #26 on: 02/05/2012 02:39:19 »

You have been warned not to repost your theories here.

Your posting rights are now revoked.


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Re: Is the Pioneer anomaly solved now?
« Reply #26 on: 02/05/2012 02:39:19 »


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