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Author Topic: PUDDING MODEL OF SPACE-features,manipulation and pulsating universe.  (Read 1347 times)

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SPACE-  space is something which can contain everything and can be contained in any thing.

Lets say water can be contained in a cup but cup can not be contained in water is not space.
All heavenly bodies, energy, material and non material is placed in space like fruits in pudding and space confirms around them. All elements are floating in space.
space has no shape, it belongs to the shape of element inside it.
space has no dimensions, its dimension belongs to the element inside it.
space is pulsating like heart to keep recycling  energy, material and non-material things inside it, this pulsating cycle is so large that, presently it looks that universe is expanding, later on it will enter into contraction cycle, so universe is pulsating, neither expanding nor contracting.pulsation has purpose (recycle).
Manipulation of space-
As we move away from the center of earth, gravitational force decreases even in vaccum, this shows that space absorbs gravitational and magnetic forces, so i think space can be manipulated by gravitational and magnetic forces.


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