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Which Spectrum Would You Find Most Useful To Yourself?

Author Topic: What Is The Visual Difference Between The Electromagnetic Spectrum?  (Read 9294 times)

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By the way, as far as your poll,

If you make it an either-or question.  Then the answer is that one is far better off seeing in the visible spectrum. 

There may be benefits of adding additional spectra, such as IR.  But, I doubt many people would wish to give up the ability to see visible light for the extended spectrum.

Actually seeing in UV would be different from fluorescing (releasing visible light) when struck by UV.  Most fluorescing is only visible in the dark.  Would it be possible to filter out the overwhelming visible light when trying to view both UV and visible light?

Thank's for the information Clifford, that does pose an interesting question.

I guess I should reset the poll for which spectrum would people find most useful for their daily use.

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