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Author Topic: Why do ball point pens dry out quicker when the end is exposed?  (Read 4210 times)

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David Skytte asked the Naked Scientists:
How come that a pen seems to dry out faster when you leave it out rather than clicking it back behind its protective hood or putting the cap back on? Now, if it was an airtight fit I could understand it, but on most (cheap) pens the ball point is still exposed to air.

What do you think?
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Reduced air movement past it, perhaps - it may take longer for the ink to solidify and jam the ball, thereby giving you more time to use it again before it goes wrong.

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I think it's because the tip is less prone to becoming dust-coated when the tip is covered. The dust soaks up the ink, drying the tip more and also getting jammed into the roller-ball, so it can't move round properly and re-ink itself; this makes the pen "dry up".



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huh? mine dont but when they do a touch of flame works best

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