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Author Topic: Do brain transmitter hormones function and signal in between people?  (Read 1204 times)

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It is now wildly believed that hormones (such as testosterone, oxytocin) that function as transmitters in the brain cause or steer our emotions, feelings and therefore the behaviour.
If that is the case, can those hormones be also transmitted between different people? Can we assume that they are flying around people to give a "taste" of the aura or charisma of a person? Or is it just the job of the mirror neurons to show us emotions of others?
Would it be possible to explicitly encourage emotions of others by spreading around hormones?
Can I change these transmitter hormones for unwanted feeling by changing my nutrition (so called brain food)?


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I don't believe the human nose is sensitive enough to sense minute quantities of hormones.

There has been debate about pheromones in humans, and the significance of human odors.

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This may explain* the modelly-girl + ugly-guy couple phenomenon ...

[* where the guy isn't minted and/or famous ]

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