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Author Topic: Can you sense someones gaze?  (Read 8596 times)

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Re: Can you sense someones gaze?
« Reply #25 on: 24/04/2013 22:44:15 »
A new thought just occurred to me.

Our eyes perceive images through the electromagnetic spectrum.  By our eyes interacting with the electrons we see.  However, isn't observing particles change the very nature of their function?  Disturb their initial course of action.

If and IF!!  We have this (6th) sense that we can subliminally detect these changes, couldn't we have that feeling we're being watched?

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Re: Can you sense someones gaze?
« Reply #26 on: 24/04/2013 23:19:00 »
Since this is a science forum, I'll assume you're asking if this is scientifically possible, Voxx.

No, it isn't.  The process of our eyes interacting with electrons in other people is: 1) an electron emits a photon, 2)  our eye absorbs that photon.  The "disturbance" is that our eye absorbs the photon. 

There is a common and fallacious argument made by proponents of "quantum mysticism" that the electron actually emits many possible photons and observation forces it to "choose" one particular emission.  Strictly speaking, this is true.  However, in practice observation doesn't only mean observation by another human, but interaction between the photon and anything else, including the air through which it passes, and any other surface in the area that might absorb or reflect it.  In practice, by the time the photon reaches your eye, it's already been influenced significantly by the air and has already been "observed" many times, a phenomenon called quantum decoherence.  We'd be constantly aware of the air watching us if this argument were true.  Plus, only a tiny fraction of photons emitted by someone else's body reach human eyes.  Many will be absorbed by the air, ground, walls, trees, the eyes of non-human animals, etc.  If quantum mystics were right, we'd all be schitzophrenics.

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Re: Can you sense someones gaze?
« Reply #27 on: 26/04/2013 13:29:33 »
I think Jung was right in discussing 'gestalts'. If you define a gestalt as you relative what surrounds you, you taking it in consciously as well as subliminally and unconsciously. What you perceive consciously will be a result of you lifting some points up for treatment, with the rest of it being the larger bulk of information, also treated but instead becoming like feelings. It's about patterns to me, we cherry pick things from them, but the pattern exist and will have a effect unconsciously.

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Re: Can you sense someones gaze?
« Reply #27 on: 26/04/2013 13:29:33 »


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